As a Mac ‘Fanboy’ (I hate that word) I always use Mac images and icons within my projects, but sometimes I want something simple, flat and 0% intrusive in the design.

So I made this. A simple template in sketch, exportable to AI, SVG and all common formats for the 3 Mac models that you see in the image:

Now I present Mac Sketches, featuring:

  • 3 versions: Regular, Outline & Bold.
  • All 3 versions contains 3 Mac models (more upcoming): Macbook 13”, Macbook 11” and Mac Mini.
  • Full JPG, PNG & SVG versions.
  • All versions includes a @2x file to use the sketches in Retina Display compatible apps & websites.

DOWNLOAD NOW (Contains JPG, PNG, SVG & Sketch versions)


  1. If you want to use it, they are being released under a CC-BY-SA license so it’s free, even for commercial uses.
  2. If you have a requirement, or need the files in any format, please drop me an email to [email protected]
  3. The Apple logo and Mac brand are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
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